Morning Reads — November 21st

Will was willing, but the WiFi in Louisiana apparently was not. So you get me for the Reads instead.

President-Elect Donald Trump’s first post-election grudge match appears to be with the cast of Hamilton.

Georgia State and Augusta Universities are expected to start admitting unauthorized immigrants known as Dreamers starting next spring.

It’s a problem when the insurance company pays for the emergency room visit, but not the doctor. Sen. Renee Unterman hopes to fix it next session.

NASA launches a new satellite that will please space geeks and make weather forecasting easier.

Hurricanes aren’t cheap. Chatham County’s budget for cleanup in Savannah is now up to $22 million.

Two guys target gullible Trump supporters and get rich writing made up news stories. It’s amazing how quickly a fake news story can go viral. And too many smart people are willing to believe fake news.

Who will be the #LastMan to get #TheKnowledge of who won this month’s elections? (back story on the hashtags)

If you’re planning to dry-brine your Thanksgiving turkey, you need to get started by tonight. I’ve found this technique makes a delicious bird.


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