Democrats Meet in Athens to Plan Opposition to Trump’s Likely Initiatives

A crowd of more than 500 people gathered in Athens on Sunday to discuss how to oppose and work around policies expected to be unveiled by President-Elect Donald Trump, according to a report from Online Athens. The meeting was organized by Athens for Everyone, and was led by its president, Tim Denson. The group heard about a number of causes favored by Democrats that could be opposed by the Republican governments in Washington and Atlanta, including global warming, abortion rights, education for undocumented immigrants, and climate change.

Denson called for a protest rally in Athens on January 20th, when Trump will be inaugurated in Washington. The event could coincide with a student walkout at the UGA campus. Denson called for progressives to be more outspoken in their resistance to Republican policies:

He called on people at the meeting to join the group in calling, emailing and writing to legislators who represent Athens when they vote against their wishes.

“Just imagine what kind of things we could be doing if, when bad legislation happens, Regina Quick and Chuck Williams get 500 emails, 500 phone calls saying, ‘No, not in my community, you don’t vote for that. Listen to the people of Athens,’” Denson said to cheers from the audience.

Denson called on attendees to recruit possible candidates for office, both for legislative positions and local offices.

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