Morning Reads Replete With Gloriousness

At the time of writing I am on, I believe, hour nine-and-a-half of college basketball tipoff marathon consumption. Each second more glorious than the last.

“Elected” by Alice Cooper

  1. FBI: 40k+ gang members in Metro ATL, violence committed by gangs “could be significantly higher” than 50%
  2. Fulton County wants a 2017 vote on MARTA expansion 
  3. Fulton County officials can play by a different set of rules from the rest of us
  4. GSU Legal Affairs team best in city, smarter than Cambridge University
  5. Southern Center for Human Rights says Columbus Recorder’s Court “a troubled and dysfunctional institution whose judges and clerks routinely disregard the rights of defendants
  6. Wildfire effects going to get worse well before they get any better
  7. Alton Brown giving the world “Good Eats 2.0”

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