Nick Ayers, Randy Evans Possibilities To Replace Priebus

The Dominoes continue to fall as the Trump Transition Team creates openings by filling them.

With RNC Chairman Reince Priebus tapped to become White House Chief of Staff, the Republican National Committee will be searching for a new Chairman. Politico outlines the many possibilities this morning, seeming to name the favorites as David Bossie, Matt Pinnell, Ronna Romney McDaniel, and Kellyanne Conway.

Leading off the next tier is Nick Ayers, most recently a Mike Pence ally and current member of the Trump transition team:

Other names that are circulating include Pence adviser Nick Ayers, who worked on Priebus’ transition to run the RNC six years ago; Matt Moore, one of the youngest party chairs in the nation in South Carolina; John Whitbeck, the Virginia GOP chair; and Joe Nosef, the Mississippi GOP chair.

Also in the mix is current Georgia National Committeeman and close ally of Newt Gingrich Randy Evans:

On a conference call with RNC members on Monday evening, Priebus urged patience. But among RNC insiders, the politicking is underway.

Arizona GOP chairman Robert Graham has courted Trump’s favor, and Georgia RNC Committeeman Randy Evans, an ally of Newt Gingrich who helped whip pro-Trump delegates at the national convention in July, is eyeing the position as well. Ned Ryun, who runs the conservative group American Majority, declared himself a candidate for chairman even before the election — a race that was largely predicated on Trump losing. He is neither a current RNC member nor personally close with Trump, making him a longer shot.

Politico notes that the transition team is more focused on filling the open positions in the administration, and that a vote for RNC Chairman may be more than two months away. As such, either of these folks with Georgia ties may find themselves in another position before the RNC Chairman’s race is officially addressed.

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