The Wall Street Journal Drops Another Georgia Name as a Possible Trump Administration Appointee

Much ink has been spilled since Tuesday evening about possible candidates for roles in the Trump administration. We’ve engaged in some speculation here, as well. Prominent Georgia names, including Senator David Perdue, Public Service Commissioner Bubba McDonald, and of course, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, have all been mentioned as candidates.

However, Mr. Trump has shown a tendency to be loyal to those who have been loyal to him. And that’s the subject of a Wall Street Journal story out tonight, describing a number of loyalists seeking posts within the Trump administration. The story points out the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, which has worked to dispel the idea that his candidacy only appeals to whites.

The story mentions Omarosa Manigault, who was hired as the campaign’s director of African-American outreach. Before joining the campaign, she served as Vice Chairwoman of the National Diversity Coalition. And then the story calls out a familar face in Georgia Politics.

The group’s executive director, Bruce LeVell, who owns an Atlanta-area jewelry store and once served as chairman of the Gwinett [sic] County GOP, said he didn’t get involved in the campaign in order to finagle a political job. But now that Mr. Trump won the election, he is feeling the pull to Washington.

“We’ve become very close in this battle, and we can’t just abandon our family members,” said Mr. Levell, who visited Mr. Trump in his office tower on Election Day. “We can’t just put him on the school bus and watch it go. We want to get on the bus with him.”

LeVell was instrumental in arranging a meeting between Trump and African American pastors in November. After the meeting he flew on Trump’s plane to Trump’s rally in Macon, where he made a brief appearance on stage with the then candidate. As the campaign progressed, LeVell was frequently on TV as a Trump surrogate.


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