No, the #GAGOP State Committee Members from the 14th District Aren’t Georgia’s Electoral College Delegates

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s election, there are some individuals who are looking for a way to get someone else besides Donald Trump inaugurated as president on January 20th. The strategy, apparently, is to find Republican electors in the Electoral College who would vote for someone else besides Trump. If there aren’t enough votes to get Trump’s total to 270, the election would go to the House of Representatives, who could choose someone else as president. A blog post in the Huffington Post elaborates on the idea:

This would not be an abuse of the Constitution. Quite the opposite, as I say: it would be the proper use of the Constitution to prevent the abuse of a general election. The Founding Fathers would have approved. More: they would have been distressed to see this not happen, given the circumstances.

If you honor the Founding Fathers — and the Constitution — then you will insist upon employing the emergency measures coded into the very definition of the republic.

So, how do you accomplish this? The process is simple: write to Republican electors in states that went red, and beg them to vote their conscience. You can download a template for a short petition — a joint letter from you and your colleagues — on this site. The complete list of relevant electors can be found here, with contact information: United States presidential electors, 2016.

There’s only one problem. The list of United States presidential electors the post links to has the wrong people listed for Georgia, as you can see below. Instead of those chosen by the Georgia GOP, the list contain members of the Georgia GOP State Committee from the 14th District, likely copied from the bottom of this spreadsheet on the Georgia GOP website.


We understand there’s an effort underway to remove the correct information from the Huffington Post list. Whether HuffPo will get the names and contact information of the actual electors is a different question. I couldn’t find the list in a quick Google search, and I’m pretty sure the Georgia GOP wouldn’t want to add any effort to change the results of Tuesday’s election.

** Update ** The spreadsheet linked to in the Huffington Post’s blog post has been removed completely. Clicking the link in the article produces a file not found error.

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why stop at recruiting republican electors? there’s probly a lot of dem electors who would choose a compromise republican.


When somebody supports their argument with “the founding fathers would have approved of my position…” my eyes roll so hard my retinas might detach.