Sen. Perdue Says No to Compromise Under Trump Presidency

U.S. Senator David Perdue (R, GA) appeared on Wednesday’s radio program on Trending Today USA with Rusty Humphries. He spoke strongly about not compromising under a Trump presidency on the repeal of Obamacare. He also added his belief that the Waters of the US Act and the Clean Power Plan will be repealed and the Keystone pipeline will pass. He also commented on the need for further investigation by law enforcement on pay-to-play by the Clinton Foundation.

Sen. Perdue on not compromising with Democrats:

“Well, if we have the majority, they don’t need to compromise, we don’t need to compromise on one thing, that’s Obamacare. We repealed Obamacare this year without the Democrats. We can do it again early next year and it will become law — we will repeal it from law, because we’ll have a President that won’t veto it. I believe that we’ll repeal the Waters of the US, we’ll repeal the Clean [Power Plan], and we’ll pass Keystone Pipeline again. And all three and all four of those things will get signed into law by President Trump, so that’s with the votes we already had. That’s no new Democrats. That’s just what we did this year. So I’m hopeful that that will set a tone. Look the Democrats have to come around. They have to recognize that this is a new day. There’s a new Sheriff in town, so to speak. And he’s talking about actually obeying the federal law – listening and upholding the Constitution. I mean, how refreshing is that to hear a President say that. And there will be a new Attorney General. I mean this is going to be a new day where we’re actually enforcing laws at the federal level.”

Sen. Perdue’s take on investigating Hillary Clinton can be seen after the break.

Sen. Perdue on investigating Hillary Clinton:

“You know, I think this needs a clear airing because the corruption potential that we are hearing about the foundation is real – it’s been out there for years. The evidence is mounting that there’s something really seriously corrupt there – seriously corrupt. And, so, I think what he needs to focus on turning America in a new direction – that’s job one, but I think that the authorities who enforce the laws, just what we were talking about, needs to see if laws were broken here. As a sitting Secretary of State, did she violate laws by having people being paid by the State Department who are also on her payroll in the foundation. I think that needs a clear airing, not by the President of the United States, but by our law enforcement authorities. If you or I did it, you don’t think the Justice Department would be all over us? Of course they would. They’d be after me in a minute. If I had violated our classified restrictions on classified information, I wouldn’t be a Senator right now. It is very serious.”


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