Morning Reads Featuring Democracy

No tunes cuz yall know you only wanna talk about one thing.

  1. My predictions were largely accurate(ish). 
  2. “Imagine in ’08: ‘I’m Barack Obama. I lost $916M in one year, have 5 kids from 3 wives, once intro’d a porno & I want ur vote white America.’” (Worth repeating)
  3. NYT: Trump Triumphs
  4. Rossiskaya Gazeta: Putin Congratulated Trump on his Victory in the US Presidential Election
  5. CCTV: US Media: Trump Enough Votes Elected President (The story was the 10th or so under their “Important News” section)
  6. Wall Street Journal: Stock Futures Plunge as Trump Gains Presidency 
  7. New York Daily NewsHouse of Horrors–Trump Seizes Divided States of America
  8. London‘s The Sun: They Think It’s Comb Over… IT IS NOW!

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