Stressed About the Election? Georgia Health News Has Ideas to Help!

Andy Miller at Georgia Health News shared some tips about how to reduce the stress levels over the election. The tips include:

  • Limiting exposure to the news
  • Restricting the time worrying about the election
  • Limiting social media presence
  • Talking about things other than politics
  • Volunteering to help the less fortunate and other good causes
  • Keep reminding yourself that this is not the end of the world, even if half (or more) of the country is not going to like the results. Politicians tend to not keep their political promises.

Election day is like the Super Bowl for political geeks like myself (and some of you), so I am going to break most of these tomorrow. However, I have been practicing these tips for the last year or so and they have helped me to keep a sane mind in an insane political world.

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