Morning reads for November 2, 2016

These MRs may be posted on No. 2, but they are No. 1 in your hearts.

“God Knows It’s True” by Teenage Fanclub.

  1. New America Foundation: GSU one of the few schools to get the use of big data right when tracking students’ academic progress. (Yawn…we’ve heard it all before).
  2. White voters in Gwinett are now the minority. 
  3. GADOT looking at high-speed rail link between Atlanta and Chattanooga. 
  4. Blandtown lives up to name, Masquerade’s move remains up in the air. 
  5. Georgia’s peanuts fueling the latest haute cuisine trend: green-pressed peanut oil. 
  6. Is Mayor Reed breaking the law using his blue lights? 
  7. Georgia’s graduation rates are good, but our drop-out rates… 
  8. If you had doubts that this year’s election was anything other than the theater of the absurd, watch the election returns in a theater! 
  9. “Imagine in ’08: ‘I’m Barack Obama. I lost $916M in one year, have 5 kids from 3 wives, once intro’d a porno & I want ur vote white America.'”



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