Sen. Perdue on GA as a Battleground State, Trump, and Hillary

Sen. David Perdue was recently interviewed on CNBC and was asked how he felt about Georgia being labelled by some as a battleground state:

“There really is no evidence of that. You’ve got a couple of polls that say it’s close, but I don’t believe that. We’ve have had four terms of Republican Governors here. There are 10 of 14 congressional districts here that are Republican. Every constitutional office in this state is Republican. We have two Republican Senators. In my race, for example, they had me down 7 points three weeks out from the race. We won by more than 8 points. There is no evidence that this state is a battleground state.”

Sen. Perdue was also asked to share his response to the Trump/Billy Bush/hot mic situation:

“Well, look, this guy’s no choir boy. But you know, Winston Churchill was no choir boy either. Frankly, being an outsider in Washington, I think it’s time we have someone to come to Washington to break some eggs. To break through the establishment. Real change is going to have to come from the administration. Hillary is basically promising a third term of Barack Obama. So, regardless of what this guy says, I think he will come to Washington and effect change, which is the reason I went there.”

Finally, Perdue was asked if anything could be accomplished with a divided government under President Hillary Clinton:

“Well, in the United States Senate, the Democrats have a new leader starting in January. You know, Chuck Schumer is known to be able to make a deal and, quite frankly, we’ve got to find a way to break through the gridlock there. So, I am hopeful that whoever is in the White House that we’ll find a way to start attacking some of these major crisis problems that we’ve got.”

You can watch a portion of the interview HERE.


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