City’s Study Pours Cold Water on Fayetteville’s Canal Dreams

And yet, it lives.

This is Downtown Fayetteville. And I know what you are thinking, “why would I go there? That looks like solid ground!” Well, the City Council of Fayetteville is posing a question: “What if it weren’t?”

Because they want to put a canal downtown, even though a study commissioned by the City suggests that it wouldn’t be cost-effective, which is code for “this is a bad idea.”

And if you ignore the logistics and the costs, and focus on the paddle boats, well, it gets a whole lot rosier.

“I think it would spur new businesses to come downtown and increase property values,” he said.
Conceptual artwork, pictured at left, show a lively scene of thriving businesses and tranquil waters.
Small towns, especially those within the reach of Atlanta, need to innovate to remain current lest they be engulfed. The streams of commerce that flow through these hamlets must be cultivated and irrigated with new ideas, so they can prosper and bloom.
Here’s hoping Fayetteville can land upon a solution that meets its needs.

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