Morning Reads for 10-26-16

In exactly two weeks our national nightmare will end and we will be relieved with–oh… either a Hillary or Trump presidency. Whoo.

“Everybody’s Talkin” by Moose…at least this time it is. 

  1. The city of Boston has chosen to consign itself to the dustbin of history. 
  2. Remember the massive APS cheating scandal? Well, let’s see what happened to the pupils. 
  3. Are you one of the 500k people who have voted early? 
  4. Not even a dozen seats are competitive in the legislature this year. 
  5. OTP desperately trying to mimic ITP. 
  6. What is wrong with teachers in Columbus? 
  7. Coastal Georgia on Lonely Planet’s top 10 regions to visit in 2017. 
  8. RIP in piece the Murder Kroger. (Murder Kroger and Harambe: the two biggest angels taken in 2016).
  9. My boy The Big Aristotle really loves him some doughnuts. 
  10. Christopher Marlowe finally gets credit for writing Shakespeare. 

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