Isakson and Price React to Obamacare Rate Hikes

Senator Johnny Isakson, who serves on the Senate Health committee and 6th District Rep. Tom Price, who chairs the House Budget Committee had little good to say about the rate increases for health plans offered on the exchanges. For Georgians, the average premium increase will be 32%, with some increases as high as 67.5% The situation is compounded by the fact that only one provider is available in 96 Georgia counties.

In a statement, Isakson said,

I voted against Obamacare because I feared that, contrary to what the president had promised, it would cost too much and cause too many Georgia families to lose the health care they already had. My fears have become a reality after premiums have increased every year to an unaffordable price for many families who were promised exactly the opposite. Unless this fatally flawed law is rolled back, Obamacare will soon become a government-run monopoly and Georgians and all Americans will continue to be without what they were promised: a choice of doctors and health plans, access to quality and affordable care, and accountability and transparency.

In his statement, Rep. Price labeled the Affordable Care Act unaffordable.

Another year, another increase. While President Obama and Democrats have the audacity to tout Obamacare’s ‘success,’ the cold hard facts and figures prove the opposite is true. Every single day Obamacare is making the quality of health care in this country worse and next year alone, benchmark Obamacare premiums are set to increase 25 percent on average for states that use the federal marketplace.

“The President and Democrats want to throw more tax dollars at the problem and want to pass more laws to prop up Obamacare, but the last thing we need is more government involvement in health care. American patients and taxpayers cannot afford Obamacare and clearly this law was doomed from the start. These latest price hikes prove now more than ever that we must ditch this broken, unaffordable law.

Congressman Price is sponsored the Empowering Patients First Act, and Senator Isakson co-sponsored the Obamacare Tax Relief and Consumer Choice Act and the Protection from Obamacare Monopolies Act.


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