Handicapping Georgia 2018 -Now With Updated Speculation!

Last week we prognosticated about a lot of folks’ political ambitions and intentions for Georgia politics in 2018, and mentioned this:

State Senator Butch Miller, a Gainesville Republican, should not be overlooked as a potential candidate, for no other reason than the $340,000 campaign warchest he has laid by. Another good reason is his network of political allies in Gainesville (the ones not named “Cagle”) and a very powerful ally who lives on West Paces Ferry. Insiders say that if Miller wants this office, all he has to do is run.”

Comes now notice of a fundraiser that would seem to support our powerful predictive abilities.

Note that any contributions will be going to a 501(c)(4) and not to Sen. Miller’s campaign account, which is full.

Absent some new advocacy caucus in the Senate, this appears to confirm plans to seek higher office, but if y’all know different, I’m sure you’ll say so in the comments.


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