Morning Reads Setting a New Standard for Greatness

It seemed impossible but these MRs are better than the totality of every other MRs posted anywhere at anytime.

“Nobody Loves Me But My Mother”* by B.B. King

  1. September 16 was the hottest September ever, meaning 11 of the last 12 months set new records from… last year which was up from last year…
  2. Good thing Global Warming is still a theory.
  3. The State of Georgia is preparing to kill another citizen. 
  4. Despite one candidate playing the paranoid loons s/he is so artfully stirring as part of his/her POTUS campaign by inciting supporters to paranoia, Georgia’s election systems aren’t and can’t be rigged. 
  5. But that’s what they’d want you to believe. 
  6. Some 150K Georgians have already pulled the lever  touched the screen in this year’s election. 
  7. Could Atlanta’s new parking enforcement company make us yearn for the halcyon days of Park Atlanta? 
  8. What it was like covering the Braves for The Duluth Neighbor (a fake newspaper–just read the report). 
  9. Delta’s new uniforms are fly. Get it? Like a plane? But also cool? 

*This is a debatable statement for me IRL.


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