SurveyMonkey Poll Has Clinton, Isakson Leading in Georgia

A poll of battleground states by the Washington Post released today has Democrat Hillary Clinton leading Republican Donald Trump by 3 points in a two way race, or four points in a race that includes Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein. Clinton’s lead in Peach State polling is the first since early August, shortly after the party conventions.

In the two race, Clinton gets 48%, Trump gets 45% and 7% are undecided. In the race that includes third party candidates, Clinton gets 45%, Trump 41%, Johnson receives 9%, Stein 2%, and 3% are undecided.

In the Senate race, Republican Johnny Isakson is at 50%, while Democrat Jim Barksdale is at 46%. Allen Buckley, the Libertarian was not included in the survey.

While no crosstabs were provided, the Post story says that Trump leads among white college graduates in Georgia. He also leads among white women. Overall, Trump holds a more than 30 point advantage among whites, while Clinton leads by 70 among nonwhites.

It should be noted that the SurveyMonkey poll is not a true random sample, and as such there is no margin of error calculated. For more information on the poll’s methodology click here.


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