Supporting Donald Trump, Jack Kingston Tweets Infowars

Former Savannah congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Jack Kingston has become one of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s most vocal surrogates. He regularly appears on cable TV news shows in support of Trump’s candidacy, including Friday night, when he appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, attempting to defend Trump’s remarks as locker room talk:

This morning, Kingston took to Twitter to defend Trump, citing a post from Alex Jones’s Infowars, a site known for spreading conspiracy theories and false news stories:


The tweet lasted an hour before it was deleted, but long enough to draw negative reactions on Twitter:

Kingston was considered the establishment candidate in his Senate race with David Perdue, who was considered the outsider. During the GOP primary season, Kingston supported Ted Cruz. Now that he is out of congress, there have been rumors that Kingston might make a run for Georgia governor in 2018. One must wonder whether his support for Trump, who is the favorite to win the Peach State vote in November will help or hurt him.


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