Randy Evans, Hearing The Sound Of Inevitability…

As reported by Greg Bluestein, Georgia GOP Attorney and National Republican Committeeman Randy Evans seems to sense something beyond November 8. At an Atlanta Press Club panel, Evans said: “Hillary will do for gender relations what Obama did for race relations,” to “audible gasps” in the room. Evans elaborated:

She will galvanize or divide us into groups and bring out some of the worst in us, rather than the best. …I think a meritocracy is blind to gender, race, ethnicity. It’s based on results. When we look at how a player performs in a basketball game, we don’t look to see if it’s a man or woman, what their religion is, their race. We look at how many points they scored.”

House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams says she wasn’t offended by Evans’ remarks, and sees the apparently inevitable Clinton victory as a “…celebratory moment…” in which [Clinton] “…will be able to bring to the fore conversations that women will have to grapple with He seems to see this as a challenge to our democracy. And I think he’s wrong.” 

Regardless of your position on this election, I think we can all agree that Evans’ comment, days after “grab ’em by the pu**y” became a national catchphrase, was at the very least, ill-timed, no matter how accurately they were reported.


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