Georgia College Republicans Chairman Disavows Donald Trump

GACR Chairman Brennan Mancil addresses the Georgia GOP convention in  June, 2016.  Photo; Jon Richards
GACR Chairman Brennan Mancil addresses the Georgia GOP convention in June, 2016. Photo; Jon Richards
Georgia Association of College Republicans Chairman Brennan Mancil is apparently the first member of the Georgia Republican Party Executive Committee to publicly state that he will not support Donald Trump as the party’s presidential nominee. Mancil’s disavowal of Trump came after a video surfaced in which the candidate described in graphic terms an attempt to seduce an unknown woman while married to his third wife, Melania. In a Facebook post, Mancil explained his reasoning:

Donald Trump’s recently revealed statements about women are nauseating and insulting. But this is only one in a series of cases where Trump’s character has been questioned. He has insulted our veterans, Gold Star families, the disabled, immigrants, political refugees, and countless other groups without serious remorse. He hurts America’s international reputation, compels our allies to question our commitment to them, and yet hopes to command the most powerful military in the world in a time of great change. Ignorance of important issues is fixable; character flaws are not. Whoever we choose to lead our country ought to represent the best of what our country can offer. Trump does not fit that mold.

Therefore, I will not support nor vote for Donald Trump for President.

While some College Republican chapters, including those at Penn State, Harvard, and Yale have refused to endorse Trump, Mancil may be the first state chairman to do so. Trump’s support among millennials, especially younger ones, is much lower than other demographic groups. and dealing with his candidacy has proven to be a challenge for College Republican chapters nationwide. However, shortly after Mancil made his statement, the chairwoman of the College Republican National Committee tweeted her disapproval of the candidate.

In a statement to GeorgiaPol, Mancil said, “Many people say we have to elect Trump because our country’s future depends on it. I disagree. Our country’s future relies on principled leaders standing up to someone who violates our values on a daily basis. We can promote prosperity through Republican leadership in the House and Senate, both of which are tenuous with Trump’s vitriol.”

For his part, Mancil, who previously served as chairman of the Georgia Teen Republicans, isn’t giving up on November. He planned to spend the afternoon campaigning for down ticket candidates on the November ballot.


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