Cobb County Superintendent Cares More About Football than Decorum, Students’ First Amendment Rights

Chris Ragsdale was blunt with what will happen if Cobb County students exercise their peaceful First Amendment Rights by protesting before football games.

“Their asses would be benched,” the school superintendent was quoted as saying by The AJC

Ain’t nuthin sacred anymore? Kids wantin’ to voice their opinions during our Friday night traditions?

What’s most upsetting about this (other than, you know, a school district willing to violate Constitutional rights, a chief executive having no decorum, being openly antagonistic toward students almost assuredly damaging his credibility with the kids…) is that having engaged, concerned citizens should be a top priority for any school district.

Ragsdale should be saying: Cobb County educates our schoolchildren in the long, storied American tradition of peaceful protest. I am proud and honored that our students are taking those lessons to heed and peacefully expressing their opinions as enshrined in our Constitution as a beacon of greatness for the world. We welcome the free expression of ideas and beliefs, as would any noteworthy educational system, so long as it doesn’t impinge on other students.

But instead, he cares more about a football game and having to see his charges voice their concerns about the world.



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