National Democrats Increasing Efforts to Turn GA Blue

In the latest sign that national Democrats think Georgia is, at least, potentially in play, Interim DNC chair Donna Brazile is coming to Atlanta to fundraise for the Georgia Democratic House Caucus. House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams is hosting the Oct. 11 event.

Abrams said in a statement:

“Donna Brazile is an extraordinary leader who has been instrumental in shaping the Democratic Party’s vision for our country. It is a tremendous honor to have her support as we work to elect more Democrats to the Georgia House and accelerate our state’s Democratic evolution.”

Everybody else seems to think Georgia can turn Blue in the near-to-medium term future, perhaps I better start believing that too.

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Jon Richards
Jon Richards

It seems like they are more interested in raising money from Georgia Dems than they are in increasing the vote. Otherwise, it would be a rally, not a fundraiser.


It takes coal to run a train, and it takes gold to run a campaign! (C. Smyre)


When I first heard that Trump, Jr. was coming to Georgia next week, I thought damn, maybe Georgia really is in play. But then I read he’s holding fundraisers.