Sam Olens Candidacy for KSU Presidency Up for a Vote by the Full Board of Regents

The Executive and Compensation Committee of the Board of Regents met today to interview Attorney General Sam Olens as a candidate for the presidency of Kennesaw State University, and decided to recommend him to the entire Board for consideration.

University System of Georgia Chancellor Hank Huckaby said in a statement, “With Sam Olens, we have a uniquely qualified candidate right here in the community. Sam has demonstrated trusted leadership through nearly two decades of public service. He has dedicated his life to public service and is ready to commit his future to the students, faculty and staff of Kennesaw State University.”

“I am honored to be considered for the presidency of Kennesaw State University,” said Olens. “Cobb County is my home, and I care deeply for Kennesaw State. If I’m fortunate enough to be selected by the Board of Regents, I will do everything I can to earn the trust and support of KSU’s faculty, staff and students.”

The prospect of Olens being appointed KSU President has been met with some resistance by a group of KSU students who regard his statements on same-sex marriage and transgender bathrooms as evidence of his being unfriendly to LGBTQ students. However, as Attorney General, Olens indicated he was opposed to the transgender bathroom guidance because he felt it usurped Congress’s power. Prior to the Supreme Court decision on Obergefell, Olens indicated that he would direct the state to follow the law, whichever way the decision went.

The Board will consider Olens at its scheduled meeting on October 12th. If he becomes KSU president, his successor as Attorney General would be appointed by Governor Nathan Deal.

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