Sam Olens One Step Closer to Running Kennesaw State University

University System of Georgia Chancellor Hank Huckaby has endorsed Attorney General Sam Olens to become the new president of Kennesaw State University. According to the Marietta Daily Journal, Huckaby had considered conducting a nationwide search for a new president, but after talking to Olens, he decided to consider Olens first. Olens is scheduled to meet with the BOR Executive and Compensation Committee on Tuesday.

The information comes in a letter sent by Huckaby to the Kennesaw University community. which begins,

Dear Kennesaw State University Community:

In higher education and our own University System, we place extreme importance on openness and the responsibility we all share in serving each other. So, it is important you know I have asked the Board of Regents to consider Attorney General Sam Olens for the role of president of Kennesaw State University.

There has been speculation about this for some time, and up until now, I have remained silent on the matter. Initially, I was planning to conduct a national search to find the next president of Kennesaw State. Yet, through sincere and earnest conversations with Mr. Olens, I now believe he should be considered at this time.

The Board of Regents’ Executive and Compensation Committee is planning to interview Mr. Olens tomorrow at our University System office. While the interview itself will be conducted in executive session, I want you to know that Mr. Olens is being seriously considered for the role of president.

This is the first official confirmation that Olens is being considered for the position previously held by Daniel Papp. Should Olens be selected, Governor Deal is expected to name his replacement.


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