Morning Reads with a Funny Joke.

What do the UGA and GSU football teams have in common? Neither played a game on Saturday. (We had a bye).

“Sail On, Sailor” by The Beach Boys. 

  1. Average voters confounded by ballot language. 
  2. Kwanzaa Hall wants to do away with quality of life ordinances in Atlanta. 
  3. Sam Nunn on the fight against global terror; nuclear arms and how Trump, Clinton just don’t get it. 
  4. Why we should abolish cash. 
  5. Seriously: if you are tough on crime you really can’t be opposed to abolishing cash, similarly if you want to reduce government spending.
  6. Atlanta gets another year. 
  7. Alton Brown says latest cookbook tackles “who the heck am I”. 
  8. London’s the Financial Times on 20 years of Fox News and post-truth politics. 

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