A Cartoon Character From Innocent Beginnings Now Declared A Hate Symbol

Pepe the Frog: From Humble Beginnings to Being Hijacked by the Alt-Right and Declared as a Symbol of Hate (Image from The Daily Beast)

Image from The Daily Beast

The Anti-Defamation League has declared that Pepe the Frog, a comic book character that was innocently created by Matt Furie, a symbol of hate.  Pepe was created for a comic book series called Boy’s Club back in 2005 according to the Time article reporting the declaration by the ADL.

The image was used as an Internet meme that was dubbed “sad frog” when it first popped up on 4chan (what I like to call the open sewer of the Interwebs), but eventually became the apparent symbol of the “alt-right”.  The character earned its label by being associated with anti-Semitic posts around the Internet.  ADL added the ‘(((echo)))’ symbol to it’s list of offensive symbols earlier this year.

I wonder if the Anti-Defamation League knows about 4chan.  They’d probably be incensed.

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This all started because some hack newsreader on CNN was fed the line on her teleprompter because some idiot in the newsroom thought it would be a good idea to create news that Pepe is a known right-wing symbol so they’d slip it in the newscast because none of the editors would know any better.

Congrats, ADL. You’re getting played hard.


i checked out the ADL’s list briefly. tons of things, including numbers which are, in a typical context, just numbers. the argument is to recognize how symbols are, and can be, used by haters. we should not, imo, allow haters to co-opt every beloved meme or symbol or useful numbers. positive use of the symbol could help.