Soros Forces Henry D.A. Candidate Out Of Race

George Soros, the 86-year old currency manipulator and alleged Nazi collaborator, has forced Matt McCord out of the race for Henry County District Attorney.

Matt McCord announced his withdrawal from the campaign effective immediately, after apparently learning of a six-figure donation to his opponent, Darius Pattillo.”

Soros’ donations were first reported by Aaron Gould Sheinin at the AC, who “…stumbled across a new political action committee called Georgia Safety & Justice. The PAC’s reports show that it’s sole cash contribution came from Soros in the amount of $100,000 and that is has spent $91,000 as of Aug. 31 on polling, research and consulting all to benefit Darius Patillo.”

Soros has been involved in at least seven other contests for District Attorney across the country, always on the side of African American or Hispanic candidates, according to an August article in Politico.

The odd thing is that Patillo probably didn’t need Soros to buy the election for him. The increase in the African American population in Henry County has all but guaranteed the county will become a Democrat stronghold this year, sort of the way Rockdale County flipped in 2012. And the claim that Soros is supporting criminal justice reform doesn’t hold water in this case, since Governor Deal has already done more for criminal justice reform in Georgia than Soros or Patillo could ever do.

The situation in Henry County is, well, deplorable. If his last name was Koch instead of Soros maybe Democrats would be upset that a secretive billionaire is buying District Attorneys across the country. But don’t hold your breath.


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