Morning Reads for 9/14/16

These Morning Reads are sure to be the greatest ever of all time!

“Skeleton Tree” by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. The whole album is rough and utterly fantastic. 

  1. 2016’s nights were hotter than any other year since records started being kept. 
  2. Yet more data showing global warming is a theory! There’s literally no science proving it!
  3. CL details Hillary and Trump’s plans to win Georgia. 
  4. Want Newt’s take on the state of the POTUS race and a fresh serving of disingenuousness? No? Oh. 
  5. 1.3 million folks will call themselves ATLiens by 2050. 
  6. Atlanta Fed prez will retire in February. 
  7. No other Fed President will be able to hold the shoelaces of Dennis Lockhart–fact. 
  8. Why there won’t be MLK monuments at the African-American museum. 
  9. Atlanta man attempts to climb Kanye’s flying stage, fails. 
  10. Does the world need a documentary on the demise of Dante’s Down the Hatch? Possibly. 
  11. An oral history of flying on Air Force One on 9/11. It’ll throw you for a loop reading that. 

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