McNeely Announces Run for GAGOP Chair in 2017

Michael McNeely, GAGOP 1st Vice-Chair, has announced via Facebook his intention to run for GAGOP Chairman in 2017:

“I have been asked several times this week whether I intend to run for Chairman of the Georgia GOP. I’m not one to be coy about something that important, so I wanted to put the question to rest. I believe I have a good understanding of the needs of our party and solid ideas for laying out a strong vision. For those reasons I do plan to run for Chairman in 2017. That said, I believe the focus should remain on getting Republicans elected at all levels in November, and that will be my relentless focus all the way through Election Day. Once we’re celebrating victory, I’ll be ready to start the conversation about the future of our party.”

McNeely quickly picked up an endorsement from Rep. Micah Gravley (R, 67-Douglasville) via Facebook: “This is fantastic news! I am proud to support you and look forward to helping you become our next GAGOP Chairman Michael.”

Inside sources have shared that other rumored/possible candidates include Mansell McCord (GAGOP Treasurer), Bruce LeVell, Robert Hennessy, Scott Johnson, and Rose Wing. I would assume two-time candidate Alex Johnson would be considering a run as well.

Another name being discussed is Julianne Thompson, though she stated on Facebook that she is deferring any type of decision until after the November elections:

“Friends, Over the past several weeks (and especially the last couple of hours) I received calls and texts asking if I am running for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. I am beyond flattered at the support.

My first goal is to elect Republicans to the White House, Senate, Congress, and all across our state. That is my focus right now.

My next goal will be to support a candidate for State Chairman that can do the biggest thing a State Chairman should do – raise millions of dollars. If I am not that person at this snapshot in time I will not seek the office to do so, but whomever I feel is the right person will have my full support.

My plan at this time is to run for First Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party and work with grassroots mobilization and involvement. And to spend the term(s) learning from an established fundraising chairman. That is what the party needs and deserves.

That being said, I do not plan to announce anything as a definite until we get this election behind us and until I have spent a good deal of time time thinking about it and discussing it with my family. This is very serious and these are serious times. Let’s take back the White House and then we will think about this. Its not about me. It’s about us and whatever we do we must do united together.”

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