Morning Reads for 9.7.16

There’s something poetic about 9/7 in ’16. Maybe said date was mentioned as something important in a Dan Brown book.

“Four Cornered Room” by War. 

  1. The two candidates for POTUS may have locked in their GA strategies. 
  2. Ninety GA Bar exam takers can now say they are only technically failures. 
  3. Missed connections at Dragon Con. #sad
  4. Morehouse professor on why uninformed Americans should be actively engaged in the electoral process. 
  5. Panda Lun Lun (the Pride of Atlanta) gave birth to twins–again. 
  6. Has anyone thought PDK could be a green oasis? The City of Brookhaven does. Or at least they think a 30-acre greenspace could be an oasis.
  7. At this point, tearing down Gaines Hall might be the historic building’s future. 

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