Morning Reads that are Amazing, So Amazing

The college football kicks off in earnest this weekend at the Dome. Of course I am referring to when Georgia’s premier team (the Panthers of Georgia State) take on the much-vaunted Pride of Indiana (the Cardinals of Ball State).

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out you can have two picks in our College Pick ‘Em Challenge (which you should all join, bee tee dubs). 

“Amazing” by Kanye (those of us old enough to remember GSU’s first season will recall this as that season’s anthem).

  1. GSU poised to make another March Madness run.
  2. Related–GSU in play for one of the country’s 50 best b-ball recruits.
  3. 54% of GOPers say Trump “was not GOP’s best option.”
  4. Trump Said he Could Put Several Blue States in Play. It’s Clear He Hasn’t.
  5. In fact, the opposite seems to be true.
  6. An interactive display of the “at least 110 Republican leaders” who aren’t supporting the DT.
  7. Atlanta housing prices up 5.8% in June. 
  8. “Central banking is in a brave new world” says Dennis Lockhart, president of the Atlanta Fed (AKA: best fed prez)
  9. Thursday is the day we find out if Atlanta can hold 1m folks inside the city limits. 
  10. AKA: buy your ITP property now.
  11. Is there anyone surprised that Southern can’t do anything right? No? Weird. 
  12. Thirty-nine hate groups are active in our fair state.
  13. Georgia Tech grad has a really weird societal view; likes sucking fun out of things. 

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