Morning Reads — 8.24.16

The college football season kicks off on Friday…in Australia. Because student athletes should definitely miss two weeks of class for a game that doesn’t advance either schools’ mission in a completely different continent for purely commercial matters while we continue to exploit the kids and forcing them to be amateurs.

“Deacon Blues” by Steely Dan

  1. Every month this year has been the hottest in 136 years of record keeping. 
  2. Atlanta predicted to average 39 days above 100F by 2100 if we do nothing. That would be up from an average of 0 (zero). 
  3. Animated gif chart of July’s data. 
  4. But climate change is still a theory/the name was changed so all science is discredited
  5. Jimmy Carter says Trump, Hillary are both “quite unpopular.” 
  6. How Georgia’s leftists see a Gold Dome takeover. 
  7. Could part of the Connector be turned into a tunnel? 
  8. Emory professor asks: where is the disability pride movement? 
  9. Delta continues plans to pamper biz class flyers. #jealous

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