Trump, Clinton Tied in Poll of Georgia Likely Voters

A poll of 730 likely Georgia voters for Fox 5 Atlanta shows the top of the presidential race is tied. Democrat Hillary Clinton would have 42.8% of the vote if it were held today, Republican Donald Trump would have 43.0%, Libertarian Gary Johnson would have 10.8%, while 3.4% are undecided. 46.8% of those polled believe it’s likely that the election results could be rigged such that the top vote getter would not be declared the winner. 37.3% said that a rigged election was unlikely and 16% were unsure

Declaring Georgia a battleground state, Fox 5 analyst Matt Towery of OpinionSavvy, which conducted the poll, said:

It is pretty clear that both candidates will have to take to the paid airwaves to win Georgia. For the first time in decades the state is up for grabs. But with one caveat. We have seen a pattern in recent elections in which Democratic statewide candidates have appeared to be posing a serious challenge, only to see their support melt in the final weeks. But much of that “melting” was the result of aggressive and smart last minute GOP ads. This is something which Mr. Trump will have to come to understand if he is to win either Georgia or Florida. A loss in either would end any chance he might have to be elected president.

Crosstabs are available here. The poll was conducted Wednesday evening, and has a margin of error of 3.6%.


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