Morning Reads Wherein We’re Thankful

There’s a great many things cosmically for which I am thankful the past few days. However, that all pales in comparison to the thanks you guys gave you get to read my MRs.

“Be Thankful for WHat You Got” by William Devaughn. 

  1. Former GA football player of the year heading to GSU. 
  2. Losing the back bar stings but overall, Manuel’s looks like they spent a ton of money to look the same. Good. 
  3. “They Tore Down Hell”–on Atlanta’s quest to rid tself of housing projects. 
  4. MLK’s birth home closed for repairs. 
  5. Atlanta needs, nay, demands, more public storage in anodyne buildings at the expense of good architecture. 
  6. What was at one time a much-needed development is now hindering other progress. 
  7. Tech’s AD leaving. This is two ADs in a row who have left after three years. 
  8. 1996: the year Alternative Rock died. 
  9. “Serious Health Issue” prompts Gregg Allman to cancel show. 
  10. Little Feat and the Outlaws were better.

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