Secretary Kemp Launches New App And Texting Services

Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s office announced a new app and a new voter registration service. The app, which is available for free on iPhone and Android, allows users to check their voter page, use business search, register businesses, and search the Certificate of Existence database.

Perhaps most intriguing is the new voter registration service. Georgians can initiate the voter registration process through texting “GA” or “Georgia” to “2VOTE” (28683). The voter registration system utilizes a Georgia-based company called Global Mobile.

“Texting is a way for people to access voter registration information and register,” said Secretary Kemp. “The whole network is housed in a secure data center. We are always running security tests, especially in today’s world.” Secretary Kemp went on to explain he’s not worried about the security, but it is at the forefront of everything done in his office.

Kemp’s office has focused on bringing the services offered in the Secretary of State’s office to Georgians via technology. In 2014, Kemp launched the state’s online voter registration system. The addition of the new app and text message voter registration is another step in achieving Kemp’s goal.

In addition to discussing the new services, Kemp mentioned Trump’s claim the election is rigged. “We have a secure system, but we want the public involved, too. On the Secretary of State website, we have a ‘stop voter fraud’ link. We also have a 1-800 number and social media. If there is something wrong, we are on it.” Kemp went on to explain the Secretary of State’s office has its own police force trained to handle voter fraud.


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