In One Analysis, Georgia Has Become a Blue State

If you have been waiting for Georgia to turn blue, you have your wish:


That’s the latest map from the political prognosticators at FiveThirtyEight. It gives Hillary a 50.2% chance of winning the Peach State to Donald Trump’s 49.8%.

Of course, there are disclaimers. This is their Now-cast view, which assumes that the election is being held today. If you’ve been paying attention to the political headlines, you know this hasn’t been a good week for Trump. The polls Plus view, which uses the information in the Now-cast but extrapolates opinions and historical trends to November says Trump has a 75% chance of winning the state’s voters in November.

Still, it’s a sign. Recent polling has had the presidential race in Georgia at a toss-up, within the margin of error. We understand the AJC will release new polling soon, possibly this weekend. If their results show Trump and Hillary Clinton tied, or Clinton ahead, it would tend to validate the FiveThirtyEight view.


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