Morning Reads for 8.3.16

Hey! I’m back! (We missed you, Ed). Awww.

Jimmy Castor “The Bertha Butt Boogie” may be one of the strangest accessible songs ever. 

  1. Daily Report on who has been nominated to the SCOGA. 
  2. A whopping 12% of voters turned out for last week’s runoff. 
  3. Nucyoular and solar are the way of the future for GA Power. 
  4. Georgia State predicted to finish 109th, UGA 12th–but without Richt at the helm, how can they finish first in underachieving? 
  5. Clarke County man arrested after wife makes grilled cheese sandwich too cheesy. 
  6. What does The Financial Times think are the best books of this summer? 
  7. All that matters is a non fiction entry was written by an alum of my high school so you know it’s good/correct.

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