In a Panel Discussion, Governor Deal Highlights Criminal Justice Reform Efforts

Governor Nathan Deal had the opportunity to showcase his efforts to reform the criminal justice system in Georgia at a Republican National Convention panel discussion between him and Republican Governors Mary Fallin of Oklahoma and Matt Bevin of Kentucky.

After becoming governor in 2011, Governor Deal has pushed for reform during each legislative session, with efforts focused on accountability court expansion, juvenile justice reform, prisoner reentry initiatives and the creation of the Department of Community Supervision. The reform efforts have saved the state money, and have reduced the number of prison beds needed.

“Crime in many parts of the country, including Georgia, is generational,” said Deal. “If you break the cycle and show individuals that there is a different way, then you not only save money and lives in the short term, but you also create generational changes. If you can show these offenders that success after incarceration is possible, it will help keep them from becoming repeat offenders.”

The criminal justice reform efforts in the three states are illustrated in a video entitled Changing Laws, Changing Lives. View it below the fold.

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