How Do You Raise A Thinking Conservative?

I’m sure my left of center friends will be adding a punch line to what they think is a headline as a beginning of a joke. So be it. I’m old enough to remember when the GOP prided itself on being “the party of ideas”. And we were.

“Were”. Past tense.

A friend of mine sent over the following email. I’m going to leave it here for group discussion and suggestions. (It wasn’t written to be a blog post, so it’s in an informal, email between a group of friends style.) I’ll try to think of a few recommendations of my own and add after the conversation gets going. I’m more interested in input from you fine people first.

My boys (pre-teen & early teen) have taken an interest in politics. And, damnit, they are Berniebots. I blame this on a variety of factors…

I sincerely want to avoid indoctrinating my kids with my opinions. It would be easy to raise kids to believe exactly what I believe (on religion, politics, art, whatever), but that only produces little automatons. Eventually, they grow up, encounter different points of view, change their minds about stuff and resent being indoctrinated.

Donald Trump (and the other choads peddling ridiculous beliefs) have made it easy for kids to instantly reject Republicans as lunatics and idiots.

Their demographic is full of berniebots, so they are constantly exposed to “Bernie is awesome” propaganda.
As a result, they have a naively positive view of progressives, socialism and all that shit. And, frankly, I’m having trouble saying many positive things about Republicans right now.

So I want to give them some things to read. Things that will make them think. I’m not trying to persuade them that they are wrong, just that the world is more complicated than they think, that “good intentions” do no equal good policy, and that they should try to learn more about government, politics and policy before having strong opinions on them.

Do you guys have any suggestions for what I should give them? Looking for A) books that will work well for their age group, or B) online reading that will give kid-friendly summaries of libertarianism/free markets vs socialism/progressivism. I can email them links, so feel free to send appropriate articles or websites.

Any ideas would be welcomed.


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