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“Game Over” by Antelope

  1. John Lewis: Dallas “gave greater need” to pass gun control laws.
  2. Georgians’ favorite coach, Steve Spurrier, will have his book published Aug. 30. 
  3. 2014 and 2015 each set new records for hottest years ever, and last 12 months were the 12 hottest consecutive months on record. 
  4. Thank god Global Warming is still a theory/not happening, though… right?
  5. (One wonders which of the above will grind people’s gears the most).
  6. Mapping Atlanta’s commuting patterns.
  7. They’re pretty much what you’d expect.
  8. The renderings I criticized of Downtown Atlanta’s redevelopment may not have been the most current plans. 
  9. How will all 128 FBS-level football teams fare this season?
  10. Hard Rock Cafe Hotel is finally set to break ground in Castleberry Hill (yay). This is all so cringe-y.
  11. The Great Sweetwater Beer Heist: A Timeline
  12. Childish Gambino Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” released its latest promo. 

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