Kaiser Reports Less Cash, But More Donors, In Mayoral Fundraising Race

Margaret Kaiser announced she has raised over $150k in her bid to serve as Atlanta’s next mayor. Kaiser, who served in the legislature and is an ITP pizza magnate, said more than 500 people donated to her campaign and she has exactly $108,873.53 on hand.

Yesterday, former Atlanta COO Peter Amman said he raised $135,000 more, but only had 300 donors. 

Kaiser’s statement is pasted below and I’ll post the first fundraising total for other candidates as I receive them.

If you happen to be a candidate and want to make sure we know how much coin you’ve got, send us a message through the tipline. 

State Representative Margaret Kaiser builds strong grassroots coalition in first financial disclosure period
July 12, 2016
Atlanta, Ga. — State Representative Margaret Kaiser today announced her people-powered campaign for Mayor had nearly 500 donors and raised over $150,000 in under ten weeks for its first financial disclosure period, ending June 30. Nearly 200 donations were under $100, demonstrating that everyday Atlantans continue to lead Margaret’s campaign.
“I am honored by this grassroots coalition from across Atlanta and excited about a new era of inclusion and progress,” Kaiser said. “As both a community leader and mother, I look forward to continuing to bring together people of all backgrounds. And as a businesswoman, I will work to rebuild Atlanta’s economy from the ground up.”

Campaign treasurer Phil Smith added, “It is incredible to have such strong support this early, especially before Margaret’s campaign has even made an official announcement.”

The campaign, which has $108,873.53 on hand, had donors on all sides of the political spectrum — counting more than 50 current and previous Democratic and Republican officeholders and community leaders at the local, state and federal levels among those giving to Margaret.

Kaiser is not running for re-election to focus full-time on her campaign for Mayor when her term ends in January.

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I’ve known Rep. Kaiser and her husband for a few years. Both are great people and while we disagree on a number of issues, I’ll probably wind up voting for her.


She’s a small business owner in a field (both politics in general and this mayor race specifically) where that is a rarity and basically non-existent. I will absolutely vote for her.

Jack Fitz
Jack Fitz

I get that they’re trying to paint Peter Aman as elitist, but raising $120,000 from 300 people doesn’t necessarily scream Obama-level grassroots activism.


Slight misread, Aman has raised nearly $300K from 300 people. Kaiser $150K from 500. Big difference in average donations I’m guessing.

Jack Fitz
Jack Fitz

It also stated “Nearly 200 donations were under $100, demonstrating that everyday Atlantans continue to lead Margaret’s campaign.”

At a minimum, that’s $130,000 from 300 folks/businesses. (my math was off the first time) So at ~$425/donation, its not exactly “everyday Atlantans” truly powering the pre-pre-pre *campaign.

*note : it bugs me when you say you haven’t even OFFICIALLY announced yet you’ve announced that you aren’t running for House to run for Mayor. That folks, is an announcement.