Atlanta Mayoral Candidate Peter Amman Posts $285K Fundraising Haul

Atlanta’s former COO, Peter Amman, says he raised a total of  $285,716 for his campaign. Amman wants you, dear voters, to know that he had the least amount of time of all candidates to raise money. (Last I checked there 8 candidates but I may be off one or two…dozen.) Amman has a total of $240,036 cash on hand.

Some 300 citizens donated to his campaign.

I’ll update our loyal readers with the other candidates’ haul as we receive their releases.

For now, content yourself with reading Amman’s statement below.

Peter Aman Shows Strong Start with First Fundraising Report


Peter Aman, former Chief Operating Officer of the City of Atlanta and respected business leader, raised $285,716 in his first mayoral campaign finance disclosure. Aman, who has never run for public office before, officially entered the race April 19, giving him just two months to raise funds. Several candidates have been fund-raising for many months – even as much as a year – for the Nov. 2017 election.


“I am encouraged by the strong showing of support from a cross-section of Atlantans willing to invest in my vision for a vibrant, livable and united Atlanta,” said Aman. “As a first-time candidate who has worked with two mayoral administrations, I understand Atlanta’s strengths and opportunities. If we are going to become a city that is safer and more connected, it’s going to take someone who knows the city and has the experience and vision to get things done at the executive level.”


The Aman for Atlanta campaign has received donations from more than 300 individuals.


“This first report is a strong showing of confidence that someone who’s never held public office before can compete against longtime politicians,” Aman said.


“Peter’s candidacy resonates with people because of his track record of getting things done, even in the most difficult of circumstances,” said Constance Lewis, a member of Aman’s finance committee. “The fact that we surpassed our internal finance goal shows we are well positioned to run a competitive, professional campaign.”


In a matter of weeks, Aman garnered strong support from a cross-section of Atlantans, including civic leaders, corporate executives and citizens concerned and engaged around issues facing the city. The campaign’s cash-on-hand is $240,036.


“I am committed to earning the trust of voters from every quadrant of this city,” said Aman. “Atlanta’s citizens deserve a mayor who is committed to making Atlanta a city for all. That’s my only agenda.”

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300 citizens donated? So the average donation was nearly $1,000? Must have made quite the impression during his COO time.