GOP: Hillary Clinton Should Be Punished

Earlier today, FBI Director James Comey effectively brought the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server to an end, announcing that the FBI would not recommend bringing charges against the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. Last week, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced she would accept the FBI’s recommendation and not override it.

Georgia Republican Party Chairman John Padgett issued this response in a press release:

Hillary Clinton is the most crooked and corrupt politician in American politics. She broke the law, tried to cover it up, lied to the American people, and now deserves to be punished for her reckless and criminal behavior.

Unfortunately, our elected officials behave more like Chicago mobsters than public servants.  We need an outsider like Donald Trump who can restore accountability, integrity, and confidence in the federal government.  We need real leadership and real consequences for those who endanger our country for the sake of political expediency.

So far, no comments from the Georgia Democratic Party on their website.

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Jack Fitz
Jack Fitz

Disregarding John Padgett’s thoughtful press release (the FBI Director isn’t an “elected official”…Donald Trump and “integrity” in the same sentence…Chicago mobsters…), I’ve got some sage advice for the GOP if they’d REALLY like to punish Clinton. Nominate someone else in two weeks. Do it. Force the Democrats hand to do something regarding Clinton. Because leaving Trump atop the ticket will do nothing but brush this issue aside forever. If the GOP nominates “xyz sane candidate”, the Democrats will have one week to decide whether to stick with Hillary, or scramble for Biden (sorry, Bernie doesn’t count in this scenario). Either… Read more »


That dumping Trump is the ‘can’t lose play’ is the very reason it will never happen.


I think we’re being trolled, either by Jon or by Padgett. At any rate, we know all about the decades-old battle between the Clinton obsessives and the master criminal Clinton cartel, so how about something new? I know I’d enjoy an inside-ball look at the suit Padgett’s lawyers have filed against him for $340K they claim he owes them (so far) for defense in a racial discrimination suit. An examination of state goper finances would be fun too, if only to see if their party fundraising is tracking Trump’s low level, and what that means for the future viability of… Read more »

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

Punished? You mean like Richard Armitage and Karl Rove were punished when they discussed a CIA operative with the press?



They had R’s next to their name!

President Rodham-Clinton is going to rule for 8 years, get used to it.