Morning Reads Filled with Maladies

Sometimes you forget your MoRning obligations. Sometimes you also forget your laptop at home on the same day. Sometimes you just aren’t going to win the day.

“It’s an Uphill Climb to the Bottom” by Walter Jackson seems apt. 

  1. WABE sweeps Georgia Associated Press Awards, WRAS gets 0 (zero).
  2. But hey, good thing you killed a great radio station President Becker!
  3. Phil Steele, the most accurate college football prognosticator in the land, ranks GSU well ahead of UGA. 
  4. No that’s not a misleading description at all.
  5. Jimmy and Rosalynn mark 70 years of loyal matrimonial bliss. 
  6. NY Times on how John Lewis using tactics honed in civil rights battles are being employed in gun control fight. 
  7. WaPo on Atlanta’s congressman and his quest for an African-American museum. 
  8. GA DOT buys a ticket for the streetcar, hops on the painful metaphor train. 
  9. Almost every water system in Georgia reported that they exceeded lead and copper levels. Oh, and nationwide the EPA has done essentially nothing about the violations.
  10. Transit-oriented development is kind of key to sustaining, managing, Atlanta’s growth. 

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