Herman Cain Endorses Drew Ferguson in HD 3

Herman Cain with Drew Ferguson.  Photo: Ferguson campaign.
Herman Cain with Drew Ferguson.
Photo: Ferguson campaign.
Former businessman, presidential candidate and conservative talk show host Herman Cain has endorsed Drew Ferguson for the open 3rd District congressional seat being vacated by Lynn Westmoreland. In a press release issued by Ferguson, Cain said,

In politics, there are candidates with a record of doing things and others with a history of talking about things. Drew Ferguson has helped rebuild a community knocked into the dirt by Washington trade deals, taxes and regulations. His record as a mayor and a small businessman makes him a better candidate than any ten legislators who talk and campaign for a living.

West Point was beaten down by globalist trade deals that sent industry abroad but Drew and the people of his city helped turn that around and make it a major success story once again. Unlike the legislator class, Drew knows what he’s talking about when it comes to rebuilding an economy and creating jobs.

In addition to the endorsement by Cain, Ferguson has been endorsed by Congressman Westmoreland, along with all five candidates the 3rd district seat who were eliminated in the May primary. Ferguson faces State Senator Mike Crane in the July 26th runoff election. Early voting for that election begins July 5th.

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