GAGOP Officer Prevented From Going Backstage At Trump Rally

GAGOP First Vice Chair Michael McNeely Photo:  Jon Richards
GAGOP First Vice Chair Michael McNeely Photo: Jon Richards
Georgia Republican Party First Vice Chairman Michael McNeely was removed from the Donald Trump rally held at the Fox Theatre last Wednesday, according to a story published by Buzzfeed News.

[McNeely] was escorted out of Atlanta’s Fox Theatre by Secret Service after being told there was “no more room for you” by Trump campaign state director Brandon Phillips, according to a party official briefed on the incident. The official requested anonymity said they were not authorized to speak on behalf of the party.

McNeely was stopped while trying to enter an area where Trump had been greeting supporters, the sources said. Neither Phillips, the Trump campaign, nor the Georgia Republican Party returned messages seeking comment.

While there was no published reason for McNeely being removed from the Fox, Bruce LeVell, who chairs the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, and who was present at the event, told Buzzfeed “They’re real strict about [acting] if something doesn’t look right. They just make a judgment call.”

McNeely is a delegate to the Republican National Convention to be held in Cleveland in July.


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