Morning Reads With Trump Mania

The man, the myth, the hair is in town today, speaking at a no-way-provocative venue in the heart of Midtown.

“Song for my Father” by Leon Thomas. (For Father’s Day)

  1. Jimmy Carter: “I think there’s going to be a reassessment in America by individual citizens and collectively after this election experience that we’re involved in right now.”
  2. Johnny Isakson: Let’s have endless wars anywhere, anytime, any cost. 
  3. David Perdue: Perhaps downgrading his friendship with Trump? 
  4. John Lewis: Trump…. “shut up.” 
  5. Marietta Man, Walmart (ex)Employee: Orlando massacre a “community service.” 
  6. We really have some cretinous Georgians.
  7. Opinion: A vision for Buford Highway.
  8. John Lewis: Brexit “would lead to higher prices.” 
  9. Wait, wrong John Lewis.

“The Creator Has a Master Plan (Peace)” by Leon Thomas and Pharoah Sanders. (For African-American Music Appreciation Month. And to balance out the shade thrown in these MRs).


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