Tim Lee Cries Foul On Bogus Tax Hike Story

A meme disguised as a news story made its way through Atlanta and national social media yesterday saying that the Braves were going to have to raise taxes to buy parkland because they used park bond money to give to Liberty Media and the Atlanta Braves. Lee has released the following statement:

Contrary to several unsourced and wholly fictitious news articles, Cobb County didn’t choose the Braves stadium over buying green space and it won’t need to raise taxes to do so, Cobb Chairman Tim Lee said Tuesday.

“We have cut taxes for three straight years in Cobb County because we’ve focused on policies that promote economic growth – and they’ve worked,” said Lee. “The ballpark is already generating significant revenues for the county. We’ve invested smartly and those investments are paying off. That’s why this year we’ll be able to purchase and preserve green space throughout Cobb County without any new taxes and without any cuts to critical services our residents need.

“While a handful in the media spin the false storyline that Cobb sacrificed one priority for another, the facts show the opposite is true. When discussing our priorities, this isn’t an ‘either/or’ proposition; the key word is ‘and.’ I know the Atlanta paper would never report this truth, but sound leadership decisions will allow us to have the Braves in our county and have new green space and have lower taxes for homeowners.”

“I hope the voters in Cobb County will take a close look at these ridiculous stories and realize these assertions are an insult to their intelligence. Not one – not one – of these writers talked to a county leader. No one is quoted. No information is sourced. In fact, there’s no news angle whatsoever. Completely unwilling to report on the economic success we’re seeing, they’ve now stooped to manufactured outrage.”

Looks like Tim knocked that one out of the park. But I’ll bet 97% of you that shared the bogus story on your Facebook page yesterday won’t cut and paste this to your wall.


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