#GAGOPConvention to Consider Nine Resolutions

Delegates at the Georgia Republican Convention in Augusta are expected to consider nine resolutions later this afternoon, some potentially controversial, others not so much.

Perhaps the most controversial is one titled “A Resolution On Getting Back to the Basics of Republican Principles.” The resolution notes that the legislature passed the Free Exercise Protection Act, the so-called Religious Liberty bill, along with the Campus Carry bill. The resolution notes other alleged shortfalls of the Republican Party in government, including the failure to make English the Constitutional language of Georgia, and the passage of the “largest tax increase in Georgia History in the Transportation Funding Act.

The resolution calls for Republican elected officials to “get back to the basics” of Republican principles, and that an environment that encourages the individual to pursue the American Dream, and that Constitutional rights be protected “rather than be limited in our rights to the interpretation favored by Big Business, Hollywood, and the Chambers of Commerce.” The three organizations the ones who, some believe, were behind the veto of House bill 757.

Anther potentially controversial resolution is one that supports the expansion of medical cannabis in the Peach State. The resolution encourages Georgia’s state and federal legislative bodies to enact “meaningful cannabis legislation, including in-state access to to medical cannabis oil.

Another resolution deals with a number of educational initiatives, including election of the state school board, the elimination of common core standards, and promotion of tax incentives to encourage school choice. Other resolutions include on opposing Medicaid expansion, examining the ways the Republican primaries are held in Georgia, including closed primaries. Another resolution asks for reductions in the state income tax.

Finally there are resolutions honoring retiring national committeewoman Linda Herren, Retiring congressman Lynn Westmoreland and to honor former GAGOP chair Bob Shaw.

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I find myself rather curious about the anti-millennial language that’s reportedly in the education resolution. Any specifics on that and its wording?

Will Durant
Will Durant

So we want private school subsidies but don’t want the riff-raff left behind to be taught evilution either.