Morning Reads — May 30th

Happy Monday, everyone! Today is about more than a three day weekend; it’s about remembering those who gave everything for our freedoms. It’s about Uncle Carl. Thank a soldier.

Special note: Yesterday was Seth’s birthday. Do what you will with this information.




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Seth, your math link may strive for the infinite but it directs to the physical world of Gary Johnson’s nomination.


Rubio joins the long list of goper worthies rolling over on their back so Trump can scratch their bellies. Mitt and Jeb! may not be much but I respect them for holding out.


One week ago Derrick Grayson ran as a republican for senate and yesterday he ran for the libertarian vp nomination. One delegate unsuccessfully challenged the legitimacy of Grayson as a libertarian candidate and Grayson did eventually lose to William Weld.

Some of us continue to look for an alternative to the Trumpet/Hilly mess. While the libertarian party has some attractive policies others such as “open borders” and 10th amendment ignorance are unacceptable.


I saw this in a search. Wow, this stuff is easily verifiable with a little effort. 1. I was asked to come help out some delegates at the LNC. Reluctantly, I agreed. 2. Less than 12 hours after arrival and no campaigning, as that was not my intent, certain people who were aware of my senate campaign had gathered enough “tokens”, as they called them, to submit my name as a VP nominee. One delegate even submitted a token for me, for Presidential nominee in protest over the actions of one of the other Presidential candidates. 3. My being me,… Read more »


Already been to pool! Nice and cold at 8 am! Wife froze but whatta ya gonna do!? Lol! Heading to Longhorn to be there at 11 am before crowd. And, more importantly, remembering my two uncles who made the ultimate sacrifice. Not a week goes by that I don’t admire them!